Welcome to
Farmakis collection.

The creations of our brand name DF are haute couture and meet the modern woman in all her special moments.

Our history…

The company Farmakis & co . was founded in 1968.
Today it is established with the brand name DF by Farmakis collection as one of the leading in the field of design and production of the Greek pret a porte.

Our philosophy…

With its long experience, it manages to maintain the quality in its collections, which are always renewed with modern views, combining timeless elegance, comfort and style of high aesthetics. European market, a wide variety of designs in high quality clothes that can meet even the strictest requirements of the modern woman. The items we have are in women’s evening dresses, suits, pants and tunics.
The respect of its buying public as a permanent goal of the company requires the maintenance of the quality it offers. inspirational designs, careful sewing and application of p are the main features in the Farmakis collection. From the initial idea to the final stage there are basic rules that are followed. The excellent quality in the selection of fabrics and materials, the daily control at all stages of the production process, guarantee an impeccably aesthetic result and minimize the chances of defective products. The execution of these rules is the basis of the long-term successful course of the Farmakis collection.

Find us..

DF creations can be found in selected stores in all over Greece, Cyprus and Malta. The Farmakis collection is located in Egaleo, Attica, operates in a well-organized unit, staffed with experienced trained and renowned staff. Updated on the latest technology trends, both in the field of design and production, as well as and in the mechanical equipment. The Farmakis collection is a well-known company in the field of Greek fashion in evening wear.